We have a vision

– The opportunity opened up to create a completely new type of agency that is adapted to the world of today. With 20 years of experience in advertising I felt that the time had come to create an agency that is built from the ground up based on customers, employees, companies, the outside world, and technical possibilities, says Andreas Gotfredsen, Founder and Creative Director at Winterland.

The opportunity to hire fantastic talent and to work with exciting clients has been limited due to the structure of the traditional agency since it has been locked in its physical shape. Winterland combines the classic physical meeting places with virtual meeting places in order to enhance the most important part of the creative process, the meeting between creative professionals and clients.

– By combining the best of both agency models, we create Sweden’s first creative virtual agency that opens up completely new opportunities for employees and customers around the world. At the same time, we preserve the most important part – creativity, says Andreas Gotfredsen,

You could say that we are a semi-virtual agency but since creativity is such a fundamental and important part, we call ourselves a creative virtual agency. 

It all starts with hello

When you need our help,  send an e-mail to hello@winter.land and we will start right away – taking your brand to the next level.