Digitalization as it should be

Have you just created a new website but it is not loading fast enough? Does your agency tell you they made an SEO-friendly site but your page does not rank that high? Is your social media campaign not performing that well? We know how you feel and it should not be like that.

After over 20 years in the digital domain, we know what it truly takes to bring your brand to where it needs to be.

We make Hi-performance sites

Faster sites with higher conversion and more sales

Multiple studies have demonstrated that site speed affects conversion rates (or, the rate at which users complete a desired action). Not only do more users stay on fast-loading sites, but they also convert at higher rates compared to slower sites.

Walmart has a 40 billion dollar online sale per year. When they improved the site speed by one second they increased 2 % in sales. That is an eight hundred million in sales increase.

We make Performances you will remember

Real digitalization solutions that truly work are hard to create and require a lot of knowledge. Knowing everything from the backbone of the internet, the principal data routes, and the digital cloud to how the browser client works makes it possible to create the best possible fast loading stable campaigns and solutions that truly make experiences you remember.

User-centric performance model

We follow a user-centric performance model to bring the highest performance goal in order to deliver the best possible user experience. A user-centric model focuses on metrics that are valued on how the user experiences the performance of the page. An interaction that performs under 100ms creates an instant experience for the user. In knowing what values we need to perform within we can calculate how the experience will feel before it is created.

Full-stack is so last year

and we build on that. Using a holistic way of building what we imagine sets no limits on what is possible. If something is missing in the chain we invent it in order to create what we have imagined. Some call us crazy but we look at it defiantly. That means it is not good enough to be digital full-stacks. We need to go beyond that every day.