We are the first creative virtual agency in Sweden

That is saying a lot about us

So what is a creative virtual agency?
Well, let’s first define what a virtual agency is.

Office space has long been a focal point for ad agencies. The well-lit ‘meet our team’ group shot, taken against an exposed brick wall, pool table visible in the background, is standard fare on the websites of most creative shops.

When it comes to pitching and chemistry meetings, those four walls can serve as a differentiator. For creatives, copywriters and planners, the office is a hub where campaigns come to life. For agency management, it can be a concrete monument to their business culture.

Amid coronavirus, though, the forced closure of physical spaces has seen ad execs pivot to remote ways of working, collaborating with far-flung colleagues to get creative over the line for clients.

The opportunity to hire fantastic talent and to work with exciting clients has been limited due to the structure of the traditional agency since it has been locked in its physical shape. Winterland combines the classic physical meeting places with virtual meeting places in order to enhance the most important part of the creative process, the meeting between creative professionals and clients.

– By combining the best of both the traditional agency model and the new virtual model, we create Sweden’s first creative virtual agency that opens up completely new opportunities for employees and customers around the world. At the same time, we preserve the most important part – creativity, says Andreas Gotfredsen,